We invite you to take a break from the fuss, as well as to relax and recharge with the sound energy . This is a special place where live music of archaic instruments plays, the sound of which is not only charming, but also has a healing effect. In our collection, there are unusual instruments from all corners of the globe: Tibetan and crystal bowls, Gongs, Australian didgeridoo, ethnic flutes, strings, melodic percussion, and even pianoforte. When lying in a deeply relaxed state, our listeners smoothly sink into sounds, feeling how the sound vibrations penetrate and resonate in their bodies.

You can take a part in a group sound massage or a sound travel (at a lying down concert), and also you can order a sound massage or a sound therapy session for one or more listeners.

We also conduct master classes and training in the sound therapy, voice yoga, and overtone singing.

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This is a unique method that allows you to get rid of all kinds of stresses and blocks on a physical, emotional and energy levels .This proprietor methodology was developed and supplemented for 4 years, based on the ancient cultures and the sound practices of the East and West.

Vibroacoustic massage helps start internal self-healing processes, as there are similar processes in the human body during a sound session to those occurring during a full night rest, as well as the hormonal and nervous systems get restored, and the brain waves slow down to theta and delta levels.

With vibroacoustic anti-stress massage, you can significantly improve your state of health, and first of all, level the emotional state, repose and relax. Besides, it is the incomparable pleasure!

✔ 30 Tibetan bowls create a sound dome,
✔ Mystical gongs expand your consciousness and sharpen your perception,
✔ Low sounds of the Australian didgeridoo ground and soothe you,
✔ Tambourines and drums help shake off all your negative thoughts and emotions,
✔ Delicate and melodic flutes, xylophones and strings caress your ear and heal your soul wounds,
✔ The unique Chinese water bowl and live overtone singing create the inimitable atmosphere.

– this is the basic set of instruments that we use at such a concert, which is therefore a session of healing sounds.

Possible influences of a sound session:

– Giving lightness and clarity of thought, and a sense of renewal,
– Ensuring deep and complete relaxation,
– Releasing stress and mitigating chronic fatigue,
– Restoring lost tranquility,
– Neutralizing fears, increased anxiety, etc.,
– Normalizing physiological processes in the body: i.e. blood circulation, breathing, digestion, brain activity, etc.
– Withdrawing spasms and various painful sensations,
– Harmonizing the energy body,
– Giving a healthy and deep sleep.

It is advisable to book places via phones / whatsapp / viper +372 559 30 551, +372 5628 5229 or e-mail info@helid.ee.

Masters of ceremonies:

  • Lilia Märtmaa –
    Co-founder of Healing Sounds Center in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Organizer of concerts and seminars.
  • Gong master. A musician, a performer of overtone singing.
  • Certified expert in sound massage. Sound and music therapist.
    Member of the Music Therapy Union of Estonia (Muusikateraapia ühing) and of the Sound Healers Association of Jonathan Goldman.

Denis Vinogradov –

  • Co-founder of Healing Sounds Center in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Organizer of concerts and seminars.
  • Sound therapist, Certified specialist in vibroacoustic massage. Member of the Sound Healers Association of Jonathan Goldman.
  • Performer of overtone singing.
  • multi-instrumentalist – musician, DJ, and producer.
  • Osteopath of the Saraswati International Academy.

Feel free to contact if you want to decorate your event with meditative music or to pass individual sound sessions.

E-mail: info@helid.ee
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tervendavadhelideesti/

Phone/Viber/Whatsapp +372 559 30 551,
e-mail: lilia@helid.ee
Skype: lilia.martmaa

Phone: +37256285229
E-mail: denis@helid.ee
Skype: tapecut

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